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The Reign of bottled water

Bottled water, by definition is the drinking water packaged in plastic or glass containers.

A single bottle costs an average $1 to $5 while tap water costs less than $0.01.However our concern is not money but health.

Few days back there was a seminar in our residential community regarding bottled water, which demonstrated different varieties of water, showed some purity testing and ultimately marketed their water. I attended the seminar, observed the demonstrations and comparison of water types.

However I think we never had to make choice for drinking water because it is available easily in our tap, but the evolution of different varieties, flavors and marketing has pushed us go out and make a different choice.

If I rewind my life 20 years back and see when daily my mom or grandma would collect the tap water into two pots and we would use it for drinking and cooking purpose. This same process was followed every day. And this used to be a tradition in most of the Indian homes. However this is vanishing .Right now if we go and have a look, we may see a different scenario. Purified water bottles and mineral water tanks have taken the place of traditional tap water. This reflects the success of marketing strategy applied by the water bottle companies to sell their water.

What do you think, which one is better for our health and environment?

Watch The Story of Bottled Water released on March 22, 2010 on storyofbottledwater.org, which tells the story about the evolution of bottled water, realities about drinking water, and how marketing of products, affect our daily decisions.

This video is really an eye opener and clarifies many of our misconceptions about the water we drink. Although this video is a bit long, it’s worth watching sharing it with  friends.

Read for more facts about bottled water:http://tinyurl.com/yzypowh