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Learning language kid’s way!

Learning a new language would seem fearsome for many, as we recall from years of struggle with grammar and translations in school. But let us recall how we, as infants learned the language we are speaking daily in our routine life. Infants start communicating at eighteen months and speak the language fluently before they go to school. And they never battle translations or grammar perfections along the way.
They figure out language purely from the sounds, objects and human interactions around them.
With the use of five senses they get signals to their brain, which makes them understand and feel things and people around them.
Meanings blend to words, words string into composition and language erupts.
This learning process demonstrates three key characteristics of kids as a learner:

First, and foremost a child’s natural language-learning ability free of correction and perfection.

Second, their learning skill is considerably accelerated by constant feedback from family and friends. Positive correlation and persistent reinforcement nurture the child’s language and learning skills into a full talkative face.
Third, they learn by playing. With their five senses activated, while playing with parents and playmates-“clap, clap…”, “smile”, “what is your name?” etc help them develop language skills that connect them to the outer world.

We as adults still have this ability that we possessed as kids, the skills of self teaching and learning by observation. Sadly, now we know more of grammar and correction of language here and there which forces us to conclude the learning process as unexciting and uninteresting.
In today’s era what are the hurdles we are facing in our learning process? What stops us?
What can we learn from infants to make our journey of learning more fun and exciting?