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Success Equation of General Electric !

Since its inception GE started as an electric buzz of invention and change. And till date nothing has changed. GE’s driving force of imagination and innovation has remained the same.

The only factor that drives GE, its people, innovation, product and performance in the market is Imagination and innovation. “What we imagine, we can make happen.”

GE’s tagline is more than just a tagline; it speaks for the reason why it exists, which is instilled in all its brand touch points.

All the activities at GE are driven by a GE equation which gives a voice to its mission statement.

(Photo taken by Ed Schipul)

This equation is so creatively made that it is easy for anybody to quickly understand what GE stands for, what is important at GE, and what is its driving force and what is the core brand. It’s like just one equation tells everything, which is easy to remember and associate with.

It proclaims the success factor of GE. GE people are the sum of unceasing curiosity and relentless drive. Their imagination divided by risk multiplied by the square of their sweat, yields breakthrough ideas that make people go WOW.

Which other organization’s do you know of has a strong success factor like this?Share your thoughts here.