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The vital ingredient of a brand’s recipe!

Did you ever played the game of Telephone when you were a kid?

We would sit in a circle with a group of friends, and whisper a word/phrase or sentence in neighbor’s ear and then our neighbor would pass on the message to another. And it would be passed along person to person. The last person to hear the message would speak out the message as he heard. The more twisted the message, the more fun it becomes. Misunderstanding, misinterpretations, poor communication and language barriers are expected.

Similar to this telephone game, is the game of branding. Rather it is much more serious than a game.

The difference being, one would not want the message to get garbled, scrambled or misinterpreted in any way, especially in a way that would entertain kids. Secondly the players in the branding game are considerably in a large number than in this game. They would include employees, customers, business partners, and all the stakeholders. (Don’t want to miss any player, so mentioned it as Stakeholders).Since the difference is very critical, our message has to be simple and clear to be heard, understood and passed on to all stakeholder touch points, exactly as it started.

So my whole point behind telling this story and comparing it with branding is to highlight the importance of our brand’s DNA, which is a vital ingredient of our brand’s recipe. Once we have a branding idea in our mind, we need to boil it down to a KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) message that captures the core meaning of the brand idea .Much like heating the fragrances to get a strong essence. This strong essence would become our brand’s DNA.

It should be capable to evoke images and thoughts in the minds of stakeholders for remembrance and should be clear to be understood without any help or guidance. And all our stakeholders should have a similar understanding of our brand’s DNA.

Once we have set up our brand’s DNA, then we can decide which branding signals would work the best to communicate the brand message. (TV commercial/ newspaper /social media etc).

This vital ingredient of our brand’s recipe would ensure that our brand message is clear in the minds of our stakeholders and is in sync with our brand idea, business strategy and branding signals.