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Why internal branding is crucial to success!

How we look and think of ourselves inside very much indicates how we would act outside. The same thing applies to an organization. Employees are the backbone of the organization and hence the importance of internal brand engagement cannot be ignored for the following reasons:

– Our employees are our primary audience and regular brand messengers/brand ambassadors. They can successfully pass on what they have understood. So it is very much essential that they understand the brand recipe very well to pass it on consistently and in its original form. Further the experiences and messages customers’ encounter, very much depend on their interactions with the employees (mostly company representatives/sales staff and front desk staff).

– Internal brand engagement ensures that all the stakeholders get a consistent and coherent brand message at all the points of interactions, either it is in store, website, fuel pump or a brochure. It would ensure that all the employees know the brand recipe by heart, and can deliver what it needs for the brand to succeed.

– Organizational engagement would also allow us to control the experience our customers get, at all the touch points. If the whole manpower of the company understands what the brand stands for, what it is and what they can do to make it a success, they would be inspired to come up with innovative ideas to make their brand lively. Employees, who don’t know enough about the brand, are actually putting their organization at risk.

– We tend to make mental images and judgments about a company based on the kind of response and experience we get from company staff/employees.

A great word of mouth promotion potential is untapped in internal branding. Not to forget that each and every individual of the organization is responsible for the brand success. There could be no better brand advocate for us than our employees.

For an example,here is a post about Starbucks and the effort it puts after internal branding: http://www.businessweek.com/smallbiz/content/dec2009/sb20091210_167541.htm