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Survival in the Social Network

Today everybody has made their presence on social media properties. There are so many resources, speaking about how to optimize our presence online, how to use social media for business and they talk about the key of social media, i.e. engaging with your customers. They talk about the AIDA concept of engaging online. Get attention, generate Interest, ignite Desire and make them take Action.

However, how to decide the extent and type of engagement? Does quality/quantity of engagement have any weight?

Yesterday I was talking with my friend who is doing volunteer work with an organization. She is entrusted the task of managing company’s networking accounts.

She told me that she would daily update the account with new articles, updates about the company, chat with few customers online, wish them on their special occasions and sometimes write few quotes. This was her start of the project.

She did this for a few days. After that she was told by the supervisor that, you are not engaging with customers online and that she should not be talking with them, wishing them or writing quotes on the networking accounts. She was asked to simply share the company news and articles related to their industry.

I was surprised with this. My thought about Engagement is that both the parties should benefit. Engagement is Mutual. People are, or take interest in you only when they see some benefit. Taking interest in their lives, knowing their needs and then gradually explaining how you can serve them.

Sometimes he/she may not be your prospective customer, but may recommend one.

Recently Michael Stelzner interviewed Brian Solis on Social Media Examiner about his recent book: Engage .You may view his post and interview here:

Since the field of social media is already crowded, the only way to survive is better engagement.

Share your views of how to engage better and optimize online networking.


Social Media vs.Email Marketing.Which one is better?

Is social media marketing a more effective approach to online marketing than traditional direct email marketing? Are they mutually exclusive or exhaustive tactics?

The birth of Email marketing goes back to 1990’s when the internet was starting to become more popular. Businesses quickly figured out this was a great way to reach customers. It was also less expensive than mailing out advertisements to homes. By 1995 the number of email advertisements sent out that year was more than the number sent out by regular mail. Businesses spend a great deal of money creating email marketing campaigns that won’t be confused with spam.This was going well.

But with new discoveries it was found that getting the email to the consumer is only half of the battle. The information that is send out has to grab their attention and entice them to take the link to our website and make a purchase. And other dark side was that audience were not interested in reading long stories.They always look out of “WIIFM”Whats In It For Me”.

History says that many email marketing campaigns had to be altered as they were being wiped out by the filters. Businesses were losing money on the marketing campaigns and not getting expected results, because it was very much in the hands of subscribers to unsubscribe them. Further emails were left only as one way communication.

But then comes the relief after all this hard work.The new invention of “Social Media”.

Marketers are now more relieved with their online marketing job,with this invention.No doubt there are always two side to a coin.Everyone is super-excited about the immense traction and exposure potential that social media marketing can offer with increase in Click Through Rates, email retains a great deal of untapped potential.

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s was in news for dropping emails in favor of social media marketing in U.K.

But still there is hope from emails.It cant die so soon. Every morning most of us would check emails before going to our social networking activities.See what a recent research by ExactTarget has to say about Email marketing’s life-cycle:

Now after reading and introspecting, share your insights on which one would be a winner and which one would be a runner up ,not because one is better than other, but because the audience demands one over other.

Justify your presence on Social media properties!

Can we justify ourselves if someone asks us:Why are you present on social media platform/(s)?What are you goals from the use of social media and what is your strategy to reach your audience? Continue reading

Cops using Social Media!

Facebook has a omnipresent personality,a platform where people of all age groups are active in any of the following forms:Creators,Critics,Collectors,Joiners,Spectators and inactive’s.It has a rampant use in most of the sectors like marketing, human resources, non profit organizations, event promotions, and a lot more. Few sectors,that are not much active with FB would be banking and security.But as such these sectors need more security confidentiality.

However now even Indian police has started making good use of FB  and twitter to catch law breakers and reckless drivers.They are even using it to spy on college kids party plans. Continue reading

Are the relationship on social media platforms real?

Do we really believe that our relations on social media platforms are real? Or rather genuine?Or are we just after the number game of increasing the number of friends/followers or members.

Like the internet has made it easier for the world to become a small place,it has also made it easier to get connected to anybody and everybody.

Why do we use FB or twitter or other platforms?They are actually meant for getting connected with like minded people,building professional networks,promotion of your business or services or getting in touch with your customer base on the net overcoming the distance barriers.

However I see that now it is all about number.It has become a game of NUMBERS.

Number of followers we have,number of friends we have on fan page,or the number of people we are connected with or the number of likes/thumps up we have.

We need to remember that even though we may have a good number of likes/followers on FB,FB provides the option to filter out updates,so users may just filter our our news updates if they like.

How many of our followers do we actually interact with?Are they the people who would go out of the way for me,or instead are they the people for whom I would go out of my way to help them?The percentage would be very less,around 10-15%.

On the other side there are many genuine relations,the people who may not be present on our social platforms but are always there when we need any help with anything.Just an email away and they are there.

We have been investing so much of time,efforts and money just after increasing these numbers.So now we need to invest all our efforts just after these 10-15% of users.Its very similar to the Pareto principle (80-20 or the law of vital few)80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.

See this video on how Seth Godin speaks his words on the number game of Social networking.!

I love his ending punch line:Networking is always important when it is real,and is always a useless distraction when it is fake.

Free eBooks on Social Media

I recently found these resourceful ebooks shared for free by Simon Small.I would love to read these ebooks one by one and write a summary for each..I thought many out there would wish to learn more on Social Media,and these books would be insightful,for those who wants to make a start or want to learn more on this subject.

Top 25 free eBooks on Social Media The guys over at social media network, have put this list together on the top 25 free eBooks on social media. Now all you need is 3 weeks, a lot of coffee and a comfy couch. Belonging Networks Corporate Social Networking Social Web Basics The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Advertising for Social Media Web Sites Social Media and Customer Service Center For Social Media – Youth As E-Citizens How Blogs and Social Media are Changing Public Relations Soc … Read More

via Who is in control of your brand?


The use of Social Media has changed our lives and had become a part of our social norm. Even the way we speak has changed and the English language is conforming to words such as brb, asap, blogging, retweeting, and a wide range of other terminology that may surprise the unknowing anti-cyber space spectator.

This seems like an evolution of spaces from merely using messaging to connect, then using emails, Orkut, FB and other platforms.

In this new era, that is ever populating itself online, we friendly humans have made a declaration of saving each other’s cattle in Farmville, tasting and cleaning up neighbors café  on Café World, conforming to 140 characters of “What should I have for dinner today?.

We socialite’s yearn for two way communication – a way to be acknowledged of our online identity. Gone are the days of hiding under an alias and asking “a/s/l?” We have opened ourselves up to the notion that sharing is marketing and are even making our offline worlds collide with our online ones.

It is an amazing transformation of communication that has aligned the world, and made it come closer without geographical barriers, that we can tolerate our neighbor, friend a person based on their personality and not on a picture and allow the Internet to invade our personal stash of information. The new media “Social Media” has made it possible to share our information and chat with friends as well as strangers with a tweet or post, possibly the same one which whom we would never speak to on the street. Famous celebrities are also using this new media to connect with their audience/public to market themselves. Often we hear in news or read in magazines that XYZ celebrity is now on Twitter or FB.

So let’s celebrate our ever-growing project of human interaction, to erasing unheard messages, liking shared wisdom and answering what I should have for dinner. For no matter where we roam; we will have access to our online home.