Is Time Management a Myth?

Time Management. This has become a chapter to study in schools, colleges and a skill that is taught at various coaching centers. Not only this,but there are countless books published on Time management,and teaches how to be a master at it.
So what is this all about time management? You would think what a silly question am I asking?  It simply means managing time and completing tasks on time.

But isn’t this a myth? Can we control nature? No. Then how can we control TIME that flows naturally, is intangible, neutral, doesn’t wait for anybody and has no opinions. The question that arises is, how we can manage something that we can’t control. It would have been amazing if we could control it,then we would have controlled and dragged the moments of fun and happiness and lived them forever and would fast forward the bad times.

If we give a moment of thought, we would realize that actually we are managing our actions so that we accomplish our tasks within the determined time frame. We just can’t add or reduce minutes from the time clock we can just reengineer our efforts in such a way that the task gets done within the timings of the clock.

Again reiterating,Time is beyond human being’s control. So when we are re-engineering our actions to complete tasks within the time limit, what we are doing is Actions Management rather than Time Management.

Wish you good Actions Management.If you like this post,you would also like my other post, Secrets of Time Management.
What are your views on this,are we managing time or our actions?


5 responses to “Is Time Management a Myth?

  1. Hi,

    I think time management is not a myth, of course we cannot control nature or time. But, we can definitely plan our time and that’s what time management is all about.

    I have seen some people criticizing others for reading or getting help from time management books or seminars, i suppose one should not criticize others rather they can have their views on the matter.

    Let me give an example, there was a lesson in school about time management, my teachers always used to tell me time is precious but i have not really followed their advices.

    I love movies and when i started work i used to watch movies and was always sleepy at work, i mess up things and always try to do things quickly which makes me to come back again and start same work from scratch. After i started my own business i have not even worked properly in a stretch for even 4 hours. Here comes the time management, its not that i am wasting my time or i am lazy, its just a matter of the fact that i am giving importance to the others things. A chat in facebook in a middle of your office day can ruin your entire day.

    Time management seminars and books helps people like us to understand what things we must prioritize and what not. I have found answers to ignore unwanted conversions, phone calls at office hours with the help of time management book.

    Thats my view on the topic.


  2. I don’t think that it necessarily a myth, but it has evolved to require more consciousness around energy and task management, and managing all of the tools that continuously get thrown at professionals… iPhones, Blackberries, Outlook, Gmail… you name it!

    I really like your presentation around action management. This is more or less what we teach at The Effective Edge. Best of luck to you!

    • Good luck with your work @ The Effective Edge.. Paige..
      People have been getting more and more busier in this new high tech age,where your lessons on Actions Management and productivity would surely be of help for better organization and management.

  3. Thanks for referring me to this post. I absolutely agree as you saw on my post of the same topic at

    Thanks for sharing!

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