Social Media vs.Email Marketing.Which one is better?

Is social media marketing a more effective approach to online marketing than traditional direct email marketing? Are they mutually exclusive or exhaustive tactics?

The birth of Email marketing goes back to 1990’s when the internet was starting to become more popular. Businesses quickly figured out this was a great way to reach customers. It was also less expensive than mailing out advertisements to homes. By 1995 the number of email advertisements sent out that year was more than the number sent out by regular mail. Businesses spend a great deal of money creating email marketing campaigns that won’t be confused with spam.This was going well.

But with new discoveries it was found that getting the email to the consumer is only half of the battle. The information that is send out has to grab their attention and entice them to take the link to our website and make a purchase. And other dark side was that audience were not interested in reading long stories.They always look out of “WIIFM”Whats In It For Me”.

History says that many email marketing campaigns had to be altered as they were being wiped out by the filters. Businesses were losing money on the marketing campaigns and not getting expected results, because it was very much in the hands of subscribers to unsubscribe them. Further emails were left only as one way communication.

But then comes the relief after all this hard work.The new invention of “Social Media”.

Marketers are now more relieved with their online marketing job,with this invention.No doubt there are always two side to a coin.Everyone is super-excited about the immense traction and exposure potential that social media marketing can offer with increase in Click Through Rates, email retains a great deal of untapped potential.

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s was in news for dropping emails in favor of social media marketing in U.K.

But still there is hope from emails.It cant die so soon. Every morning most of us would check emails before going to our social networking activities.See what a recent research by ExactTarget has to say about Email marketing’s life-cycle:

Now after reading and introspecting, share your insights on which one would be a winner and which one would be a runner up ,not because one is better than other, but because the audience demands one over other.


3 responses to “Social Media vs.Email Marketing.Which one is better?

  1. Social Media is what email marketing was in last decade..

    Email Marketing is overused and its time for social media

  2. Like this .. found you from LinkedIn..Dave

  3. Email has become overwhelming. I have more than half a dozen addresses, and even besides the spam, the flood from lists I have opted into sometimes drowns the most important messages. I do not even have time to delete messages, let alone read them. Thank goodness Gmail has unlimited storage.

    Social media has a special feature that may or may not be an advantage. Unlike sending an email, on social media most people allow the public (potentially hundreds of friends of friends) to see our posts. The same is true on blogs.

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