Cops using Social Media!

Facebook has a omnipresent personality,a platform where people of all age groups are active in any of the following forms:Creators,Critics,Collectors,Joiners,Spectators and inactive’s.It has a rampant use in most of the sectors like marketing, human resources, non profit organizations, event promotions, and a lot more. Few sectors,that are not much active with FB would be banking and security.But as such these sectors need more security confidentiality.

However now even Indian police has started making good use of FB  and twitter to catch law breakers and reckless drivers.They are even using it to spy on college kids party plans.The Delhi Traffic police informs the residents about traffic congestions and other traffic relations news via Facebook and twitter.They use social media platform to tell the public about regular updates and address the public’s complains. Their Facebook page has more than 18000 fans.See this:#mce_temp_url#

With this new developments, the residents would also be able to report violence and accidents happening in their near by areas by updating messages on FB and twitter.They also operate a website:

View this video,how Delhi police officials are using it:

This would indeed bring pressure on cops to be more efficient as they now know that they are being monitored and they have to perform.

Surely the use of social media platform would work in better traffic management,reduce traffic congestions and accidents.

Social Media Explorer recently shared information about criminals who got caught because they updated their status to often on facebook:


3 responses to “Cops using Social Media!

  1. Nice work Palak on this blog site. Keep posting such interesting thoughts.

    Regarding this topic, I surely think its a good move but I do not see it being very successful. The reason being, only 7-8% of Indian population has access to Internet. So using these fancy medium for public awareness is just going to make the elite group happy. But as I said, its surely a good move (rather than doing nothing).

  2. They will spy people for partying and will threaten them that they will inform to their parents, they just need money and once they get their settlement they will leave them.

    SMM is a new of making money for our cops.

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