Are the relationship on social media platforms real?

Do we really believe that our relations on social media platforms are real? Or rather genuine?Or are we just after the number game of increasing the number of friends/followers or members.

Like the internet has made it easier for the world to become a small place,it has also made it easier to get connected to anybody and everybody.

Why do we use FB or twitter or other platforms?They are actually meant for getting connected with like minded people,building professional networks,promotion of your business or services or getting in touch with your customer base on the net overcoming the distance barriers.

However I see that now it is all about number.It has become a game of NUMBERS.

Number of followers we have,number of friends we have on fan page,or the number of people we are connected with or the number of likes/thumps up we have.

We need to remember that even though we may have a good number of likes/followers on FB,FB provides the option to filter out updates,so users may just filter our our news updates if they like.

How many of our followers do we actually interact with?Are they the people who would go out of the way for me,or instead are they the people for whom I would go out of my way to help them?The percentage would be very less,around 10-15%.

On the other side there are many genuine relations,the people who may not be present on our social platforms but are always there when we need any help with anything.Just an email away and they are there.

We have been investing so much of time,efforts and money just after increasing these numbers.So now we need to invest all our efforts just after these 10-15% of users.Its very similar to the Pareto principle (80-20 or the law of vital few)80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.

See this video on how Seth Godin speaks his words on the number game of Social networking.!

I love his ending punch line:Networking is always important when it is real,and is always a useless distraction when it is fake.


2 responses to “Are the relationship on social media platforms real?

  1. Few years back i only had my friends and classmates in my network at facebook and myspace. But, now its different if you have more contacts you can market or promote your brand or services to more people.

  2. Please pardon me for leaving a link here, but I cannot help but see the relevance of my post on “Social Media Relationships or Illusions.”

    I can see that you and I are on the same wavelength. Perhaps lots of generic “eyeballs” are useful for pitching products, but for networking it is about relationships, trust, and leveraged influence.

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