Pause the talk and come to action

How often do we talk on things like Going green, climate change, soil erosion, protecting environment etc.and how often we actually take an action to protect our environment.

We need to pause our talk and start taking action. There are a few who have already taken steps in this direction. They use cycles/public transportation to reach their destination more often than using car. They carry cloth bags rather than using plastic bags. It’s cool to have green badges and wearing “I love environment” tantra tees.

Recently I visited a pharmacy store, where the cashier asked me to buy a green badge for one dollar if I care for the environment. I said agree, I would buy this but how would it help the environment. In reply he said that every fourth time you visit our store you get one dollar extra to spend here. So you save one dollar on every fourth visit. Although I have that badge, I still don’t understand how it would help anybody but the store having customers come again.

But do we really care about it?

How many of us can say that we have saved trees from getting cut or we’ve planted saplings to prevent soil erosion?

How many of us have consciously bought fruits or vegetables from farmer’s market or from those grown in the local areas? How many of us cycle/walk or do carpool to our offices?

Not many of us. Surely, we all know we should be doing those environment friendly activities. We also need to realize that there is not one single person entrusted to do this. Environment is not a personal property of a single entity; we all share it and use it. It is the natural community where we live and it gives us, the mankind a lot many things to keep us going. So it is our responsibility to show gratitude and protect it. Sure, we all know we should be doing those environment saving activities. We support those sorts of activities verbally and we don’t miss a chance to talk about the environment imbalance. But haven’t we reduced our environmental condition to small talk?

We are taking this casually and blame the system for not taking proper steps, not doing this and that. We always think that there is a system taking care about this matter and so we need not worry. But in reality, we are the system, so each one of us have to care about it.

Shouldn’t each of us be playing a more active role in rescuing our plants, animals and the planet?

Let us take a step forward by doing these small things.

Use bags made of cloth instead of plastic.

Growing plants that bees & butterflies like…

Plant some seeds.

Recycle more. We can recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, aluminum and cans.

Donate our old clothes and give away old toys to charity and buy 2nd hand wherever possible instead of new.

Let’s use our imagination and share your ideas on all that we can do to make this happen and see a happy balanced surrounding.


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