The use of Social Media has changed our lives and had become a part of our social norm. Even the way we speak has changed and the English language is conforming to words such as brb, asap, blogging, retweeting, and a wide range of other terminology that may surprise the unknowing anti-cyber space spectator.

This seems like an evolution of spaces from merely using messaging to connect, then using emails, Orkut, FB and other platforms.

In this new era, that is ever populating itself online, we friendly humans have made a declaration of saving each other’s cattle in Farmville, tasting and cleaning up neighbors café  on Café World, conforming to 140 characters of “What should I have for dinner today?.

We socialite’s yearn for two way communication – a way to be acknowledged of our online identity. Gone are the days of hiding under an alias and asking “a/s/l?” We have opened ourselves up to the notion that sharing is marketing and are even making our offline worlds collide with our online ones.

It is an amazing transformation of communication that has aligned the world, and made it come closer without geographical barriers, that we can tolerate our neighbor, friend a person based on their personality and not on a picture and allow the Internet to invade our personal stash of information. The new media “Social Media” has made it possible to share our information and chat with friends as well as strangers with a tweet or post, possibly the same one which whom we would never speak to on the street. Famous celebrities are also using this new media to connect with their audience/public to market themselves. Often we hear in news or read in magazines that XYZ celebrity is now on Twitter or FB.

So let’s celebrate our ever-growing project of human interaction, to erasing unheard messages, liking shared wisdom and answering what I should have for dinner. For no matter where we roam; we will have access to our online home.


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